Duxford Launch of ‘Over and Above’

The Duxford events are always a highlight of the year for Grub Street, which is why we are so excited to announce that we will be launching our upcoming title Over and Above on Saturday 14th July 2018 at the Duxford Flying Legends Air Show!

Over and Above was first published in 1919 soon after John Everard Gurdon, aged just twenty, had been invalided out of the RAF following a brief but incident-filled stint as a flyer on the Western Front. Over and Above is Gurdon’s first and best book, repeatedly reprinted for two decades, variously titled Winged Warriors or Wings of Death. Billed as a novel, it is not so much that as a fictionalised account of his own service flying career, with names changed, incidents rearranged. Written in the style of the era and by and for a class which put great store in maintaining a slangy, backslapping cheerfulness, no matter how grim things were, this book is a classic to rank with Winged Victory by V M Yeates, and which should never have been out of print.

So come and join us at the Aviation Bookshop tent from 10:00 onwards, where will be accompanied by renowned historian Norman Franks, who has contributed an extended illustrated appendix to the book, as well as David Gurdon, son of original author John Gurdon, and Camilla Gurdon Blakeley, granddaughter of John Gurdon, who has written an introduction about the life of her grandfather. 

For more information about the event and how to buy tickets, please visit the IWM Duxford website here!

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