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  • Nimrod Rise & Fall (signed)

    Tony Blackman

    The full story of the Nimrod, and its significance, has now been told. Tony Blackman, who was there at the beginning, test-flew nearly every aircraft and was at Kinloss on the very day the project was cancelled, has written this timely book, covering every facet of its history, its weapons system developments and its tragic accidents.

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  • Gallantry In Action (signed copies)

    Norman Franks

    The range of airmen who received the DFC and Two Bars, cover most of the ambit of WWII operations, be they fighter pilots, bomber pilots, night-fighter aircrew, aircrew navigators, engineers, etc, or reconnaissance pilots. Each has interesting stories, proving, if proof be needed, their gallantry in action.

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  • A Most Secret Squadron (signed)

    Des Curtis

    Des Curtis was one of the founder members of 618 Squadron. The author reveals the dilemmas and conflicting priorities existing to the highest levels, setting out in detail the technicalities of developing the ‘bouncing bomb’. He also writes first hand about the tactical problems of getting to and from the target; and the tensions and strains endured by the Mosquito crews themselves, as they took the war to the German U-Boats within the sight and safety of their bases.

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  • Nimrod Boys (multi-signed copy)

    Tony Blackman with Joe Kennedy

    Nimrod Boys is a complementary book to Nimrod Rise and Fall from acclaimed author Tony Blackman. It is a collection of over twenty first-hand accounts of operating the Hawker Siddeley Nimrod – an aircraft which served at the forefront of the Cold War.

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  • Canberra Boys (Signed by Author and Contributors)

    Andrew Brookes

    This edition is signed by Andrew Brookes (author) and four contributors; Graham Pitchfork, Barry Dove, Phil Wilkinson and Gordon Dyer.

    The English Electric Canberra first came into production in the late 1940s and has since played a hugely significant part in world events. In Canberra Boys, Andrew Brookes takes us through its rich history with the help of those who operated this magnificent machine.

    This book provides a detailed and fascinating history of an outstanding aircraft alongside illuminating anecdotes from the men who served with this illustrious aircraft.

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  • Helicopter Boys (signed by author and contributors)

    Richard Pike

    These copies have been signed by author Richard Pike and five contributors: Alan Boulden, David Lanigan, Dave Lowry, Chris Mutton and Mark Service.

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  • D-Day Bombers: The Veterans’ Story

    Stephen Darlow

    75th Anniversary Edition

    D-Day Bombers: The Veterans’ Story is largely an eye-witness account of the vital heavy bomber contribution to the success of the D-Day landings and therefore to the winning of the war in Europe. It is told using considerable first-hand experience from the veterans of the campaign, something not really covered in any other books on the subject, together with background information from primary source documents on the tactics and strategy employed before, during and after the invasion.

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  • Stuka Attack

    Andy Saunders

    Myth and reality and truth and legend are all examined and analysed in this highly illustrated new book, which adds to our knowledge of one of the most significant periods in the whole of British history.

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  • Rate of Climb

    Air Commodore Rick Peacock-Edwards

    Foreward by Air Marshal Cliff Spink

    This is an action-packed account of a foremost flyer’s life with endless good stories, and a colourful cast of characters to match. Rick’s compelling recollections in Rate of Climb reveal a life of considerable achievement, in a very personal book capturing the ties of airmanship that the author has been privileged to share. A must for all lovers of derring-do in the air.

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  • Hercules Boys

    Chris Smith

    Hercules Boys contains a fascinating collection of first-hand and highly entertaining accounts by the ground and air crews themselves who adapted to everything that the elements, enemy and ‘airships’ in Whitehall threw at them. A must for any military aviation devotee.

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  • Beaufighter Boys

    Graham Pitchfork

    Foreward by ACM Sir David Cousins KCB, AFC

    From home bases, through north-west Europe, North Africa, Malta and the Mediterranean to the far Far East and south-west Pacific, the Beaufighter served far and wide as did the crews of the RAF, RAAF, SAAF and New Zealand and Canadian squadrons. All are covered in this quite unique book to be savoured by all those interested in the war in the air from 1939–1945.

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  • War Amongst The Clouds

    Air Vice-Marshal Hugh Granville White

    Group Captain Chris Granville White

    This is a personal account written by a man reflecting on his time as a young pilot with the Royal Flying Corps in France during the First World War, who eventually became an ace. It is a story of survival against the odds at a time when the conduct of air operations depended so much on individual skills, innovation, courage – and luck.

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