Chocolate: The Definitive Guide

Sara Jayne-Stanes


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Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781904943129.
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Publication Date: 02 June 2005

Chocolate is unique. The main secret of its exquisite pleasure is that it is the only substance to melt at blood temperature, gently exploding into a warm sensual liquid, filling your mouth with an incomparable, hedonistic feeling that is so delicious you just want to go on savouring it.

Sara Jayne-Stanes, hailed by many leading food writers as one of Britain’s finest chocolate makers, has made the study of this compelling and romantic subject her life’s passion. In this immensely readable, entertaining and authoritative book she covers every aspect of chocolate:

• Over 150 recipes from confectionery to cakes, pastries to puddings.
• Over 240 pages with beautiful photography throughout.
• An authoritative and absorbing history of chocolate and its processes from pod to palate.
• Sara Jayne-Stanes is the country’s leading exponent of hand-made chocolate truffles.


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