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Elizabeth David

With new glossy, overdesigned cookbooks appearing on the market almost every week could there ever be a more appropriate time to consider the words of Jane Grigson when she said ‘Every time we begin to feel fussed by the cookery elaborators with their flashy tricks and colour photos, we can restore our confidence by returning to Elizabeth David.’

Her life was remarkable and her legacy astonishing. Her brilliant writing stems from a genuine love of food and an intellectual interest in how and why it is prepared. For her food and living were inseparable.  Drawing on dishes she had eaten and learned from cooks in France, Italy, Greece and North Africa, her books are evocative pieces of travel writing, creating an instant connection with the places she had visited, and hence her recipes are like a diary and have stood the test of time. Practically all of today’s serious food writers have acknowledged her influence (and continue to do so).

Grub Street is delighted to be the publisher of all her major works in beautiful hardback editions as befits a peerless writer who demands to be read time and time again and whose books continue to delight generations of cooks.

Books by Elizabeth David