Life’s Too Short to Cry

The Compelling Memoir of a Battle of Britain Ace

Tim Vigors


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Format: Paperback
Extent: 320 pages
Dimensions: 196 x 128 mm
ISBN: 9781904943815.
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Publication Date: 14 April 2008

This gem of a memoir was first published in hardback in November 2006. Two printings sold out in a year to critical acclaim. Born in Hatfield but raised in Eire and educated at Eton and Cranwell, 1940 found Tim Vigors flying Spitfires and seeing frantic and distinguished service over Dunkirk and then during the dangerous days of The Battle of Britain, when he became an ace. Transferred to the Far East in January 1941 as a flight commander on 10th December he led a flight of Buffaloes to cover the sinking Prince of Wales and Repulse. Dramatically shot down, burnt and attacked on his parachute, he was evacuated to Java, and from there to India. And this is where his hand-written account ends. Throughout, the author describes his experiences in an honest, refreshing way. It is a fascinating and valuable record, one which is now regarded as a classic.


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