Diabetes Recipes From Around the World

Jane Frank


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Format: Paperback
Extent: 128 pages
Dimensions: 210 x 220 mm
ISBN: 9781906502065.
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Publication Date: 31 July 2009

Today worldwide there are approximately 200 million people with diabetes, more than two million of those are in the UK – with at least a million more thought to have diabetes but not yet aware of it. Diabetes is indeed a serious disease, but it is still possible to lead a relatively normal life. The key to coping successfully with diabetes is self-management, and the most important aspect of self-management is making healthy food choices. In this book Jane Frank explains exactly what diabetes is, its likely causes and how to manage it by improving your lifestyle and discusses the principles behind healthy eating, the glycaemic index (GI) of foods and their glycaemic load.She has collected together over 150 recipes from many different cuisines around the world, picking out dishes that will help you keep blood glucose on an even keel as well as being nutritionally balanced, tasty and easy to cook. Some of these recipes are traditional dishes reworked to be more diabetes-friendly, whilst others are new recipes using culinary traditions from many different countries. Each recipe carries an easy-to-read traffic light code for the glycaemic load as well as a nutritional analysis showing calories, proteins, carbohydrate and fat content. So if you have diabetes or if there is someone in your family who does you will all be able to enjoy a delicious, healthy, normal diet by following this practical, down to earth collection of recipes, meals and menus.Jane Frank is a nutritional therapist and the author of two previous books, “Eat Smart Beat the Menopause” and “The Basic Basics Diabetes Handbook”, also published by Grub Street. She writes courses for one of the leading providers of nutrition education, gives talks on health and nutrition to community and other groups and acts as a nutritional adviser to various organisations. She also makes by hand a line of personal care products called FrankEssence, using only pure, natural ingredients. Jane is based in Churchstoke in Powys, and practises at the Marches Centre for Complementary Medicine.


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