A History of The Mediterranean Air War, 1940–1945 Volume Five

Volume Five: From the Fall of Rome to the End of the War 1944-1945

Christopher Shores, Giovanni Massimello, Russell Guest, Frank Olynyk and Winfried Bock with Andrew Thomas


The fifth book in this superb series.

Format: Hardback
Extent: 600 pages
Dimensions: 240 x 170mm
ISBN: 978-1-911621-97-3.
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Publication Date: 27 September 2021

During the final year of World War II, the defending Axis forces were steadily driven from southern skies by burgeoning Anglo-American power. This was despite the steady withdrawal of units to more demanding areas. In this fifth volume of the series the activities of the Allied tactical air forces in support of the armies on the ground – as their opponents were steadily extracted from northern Italy and the Balkans for the final defence of the central European homeland – are described in detail.

The book commences with coverage of the final fierce air-sea battles over the Aegean which preceded the advance northwards to Rome and the ill-conceived British attempt to secure the Dodecanese islands following the armistice with Italy.

The authors also deal fully and comprehensively with the advance northwards following the occupation of Rome, and the departure of forces to support the invasion of France from the Riviera coast, coupled with the formation of a new Balkan Air Force in eastern Italy to pursue the German armies withdrawing from Yugoslavia and take possession of newly freed Greece.

The effect of the creation within the same area of the US and RAF strategic forces to join the Allied Combined Bombing Offensive is discussed. The final volume in the series will be concerned most especially with this latter campaign.

Praise for previous editions

‘The start of a long-awaited, comprehensive and definitive set of books.’ Flypast

‘It is a valuable addition for the libraries of those with a serious interest in wartime military aviation.’ Air-Britain Aeromilitaria

‘A monumental book. This is only the first volume of the Mediterranean Air War and when the series is completed it will constitute the most complete record of this theatre of war to have been compiled. It is unlikely to be surpassed.’ Britain at War

‘Given the excellence of the History of the Mediterranean Air War series, and volume three in particular, readers should be clamouring for the next instalment. Highly recommended and quite likely to be nominated as one of the best new books of the year.’ Stone & Stone


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