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  • Vegan Recipes From Japan

    Malte Härtig and Jule Felice Frommelt

    This is more than a cookbook of Japanese cuisine. Malte Härtig is an expert in Japanese Kaseki cuisine. The recipes are accordingly simple, but excellent in combination and taste. They are simple and light, nourish body and soul and open up a new perspective on cooking and how we deal with food.

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  • Buddha Bowls

    Tanja Dusy

    Each bowl in this book is put together as an ideal mix. Whatever you like is allowed, and anyone who wants can simply replace individual components.

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  • Vegan Recipes From France

    Kristina Arnold

    French food is regional, full of variety and above all designed for enjoyment, but it is also traditionally rich in products of animal origin: meat, butter, cream, eggs and cheese. Vegan Recipes from France translates all the French classics into vegan alternatives.

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    Elisabeth Luard

    It’s fun, it’s friendly, it’s practical, it’s a recipe-book in pictorial storyboard design with stories, for everyone who wants to know how everyday dishes are prepared in their land of origin.

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  • Le Cordon Bleu Chocolate Bible

    Le Cordon Bleu

    Any of the 180 mouth-watering recipes presented here will provide the high point of any meal – whether you are looking for a dazzling finale to a dinner, a stunning treat for a special day, or simply something to please yourself, your family or friends – you need look no further. This is the culinary guide to all things chocolate.

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  • Casa Cacao

    Jordi Roca & Ignacio Medina

    This book shows Jordi’s search for the origins of cocoa and his journey to discover how to master chocolate for the creation of new, totally revolutionary desserts.

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  • Veganissimo

    Angelique Roussel

    Veganissimo translates all the Italian classics into vegan alternatives. You will discover many easy recipes to make, with simple ingredients, some with gluten-free alternatives.

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  • The Constance Spry Cookery Book

    Constance Spry

    Foreward by: Prue Leith

    The Constance Spry Cookery Book is one of the best known cookery books of all time. It is one of the kitchen bibles, worshipped by millions. This essential addition to any kitchen has withstood the test of time and become an invaluable source of information for every enthusiastic cook. Known for its authoritative and comprehensive collection of recipes, it has now been brought up to date in a beautiful new metricated edition containing specially commissioned how-to line drawings.

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  • Vegan Bible

    Marie Laforet

    Vegan Bible is an exhaustive work in which you will discover the richness and the diversity of vegan foods and how cooking can still be truly creative even without eggs, meat, fish or dairy products. Learn how to make your own vegan cheeses, creams and milks, how to cook astonishing egg-free, dairy-free desserts, and how to prepare 100% vegan versions of some of the great classic dishes using ingredients that can be found in your local supermarket.

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  • Italian Food

    Elizabeth David

    If you want to explore the authentic regional roots of the Italian kitchen, Elizabeth David’s masterpiece is the place to start. And the joy and relevance of this book today is that recipes that could only be read 60 years ago can now be cooked and savoured.

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  • The Taste of Belgium

    Ruth Van Waerebeek

    Here in Ruth Van Waerebeek’s wonderful compendium of 250 delicious recipes, is the best of Belgian cuisine.

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