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  • Le Cordon Bleu Chocolate Bible

    Le Cordon Bleu

    Any of the 180 mouth-watering recipes presented here will provide the high point of any meal – whether you are looking for a dazzling finale to a dinner, a stunning treat for a special day, or simply something to please yourself, your family or friends – you need look no further. This is the culinary guide to all things chocolate.

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  • Stuka Attack

    Andy Saunders

    Myth and reality and truth and legend are all examined and analysed in this highly illustrated new book, which adds to our knowledge of one of the most significant periods in the whole of British history.

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  • Rate of Climb

    Air Commodore Rick Peacock-Edwards

    Foreword by Air Marshal Cliff Spink

    This is an action-packed account of a foremost flyer’s life with endless good stories, and a colourful cast of characters to match. Rick’s compelling recollections in Rate of Climb reveal a life of considerable achievement, in a very personal book capturing the ties of airmanship that the author has been privileged to share. A must for all lovers of derring-do in the air.

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  • Hercules Boys

    Chris Smith

    Hercules Boys contains a fascinating collection of first-hand and highly entertaining accounts by the ground and air crews themselves who adapted to everything that the elements, enemy and ‘airships’ in Whitehall threw at them. A must for any military aviation devotee.

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  • Beaufighter Boys

    Graham Pitchfork

    Foreward by ACM Sir David Cousins KCB, AFC

    From home bases, through north-west Europe, North Africa, Malta and the Mediterranean to the far Far East and south-west Pacific, the Beaufighter served far and wide as did the crews of the RAF, RAAF, SAAF and New Zealand and Canadian squadrons. All are covered in this quite unique book to be savoured by all those interested in the war in the air from 1939–1945.

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  • War Amongst The Clouds

    Air Vice-Marshal Hugh Granville White

    Group Captain Chris Granville White

    This is a personal account written by a man reflecting on his time as a young pilot with the Royal Flying Corps in France during the First World War, who eventually became an ace. It is a story of survival against the odds at a time when the conduct of air operations depended so much on individual skills, innovation, courage – and luck.

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  • Storecupboard Vegan

    Laura Veganpower & Sebastien Kardinal

    Here are 300 easy, fast and inexpensive recipes that use ready-made vegan preparations …  as well as regular storecupboard staples.

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  • Veganissimo

    Angelique Roussel

    Veganissimo translates all the Italian classics into vegan alternatives. You will discover many easy recipes to make, with simple ingredients, some with gluten-free alternatives.

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  • Casa Cacao

    Jordi Roca & Ignacio Medina

    This book shows Jordi’s search for the origins of cocoa and his journey to discover how to master chocolate for the creation of new, totally revolutionary desserts.

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  • The Constance Spry Cookery Book

    Constance Spry

    Foreward by: Prue Leith

    The Constance Spry Cookery Book is one of the best known cookery books of all time. It is one of the kitchen bibles, worshipped by millions. This essential addition to any kitchen has withstood the test of time and become an invaluable source of information for every enthusiastic cook. Known for its authoritative and comprehensive collection of recipes, it has now been brought up to date in a beautiful new metricated edition containing specially commissioned how-to line drawings.

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  • Designs and Sketches For elBulli

    Luki Huber

    Introduction by Ferran Adria

    Luki Huber was that industrial designer and he spent from 2002 until 2005 at elBulli working exclusively hand-in-hand with Ferran charged with inventing new ‘artifacts’ used either to prepare, cook, serve or perform Adrià’s unique culinary techniques. Luki kept all his drawings, sketches and beautiful photographs from this collaboration and they are brought together for the first time in this amazing notebook, with all the explanations of the purpose and stories behind every object. The book has a Prologue and Introduction from Ferran Adrià, and is a must for all devotees of this extraordinary chef and his restaurant.

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  • Everyday BBQ

    Andreas Rummel

    With this new reference work on barbecuing, the BBQ season can last all-year! Learn how to prepare perfect meats, fish, and vegetables and discover creative marinades and dips that will stun your guests. Vegetarians, too, will have plenty to love in this sumptuous volume.

    From straightforward to imposing, the recipes in this book will keep your grill BBQ every day – no matter whether gas or charcoal.

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