Battle of Britain

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  • Poles in Defence of Britain

    Robert Gretzyngier

    ‘An exhaustive record of the heroic actions of the Polish pilots who escaped to Britain and helped ensure its survival.’ Pennant

    ‘The result of many years of research, sharp and comprehensive, the text is supported by an excellent selection of rare photos.’ Air Mail

    ‘There are detailed combat reports, much biographical data, 200 photographs and tabular material in appendix form. The bravery of these pilots and at times their reckless determination made them a force to be reckoned with. They inspire huge affection; this book does them proud and is an excellent commemoration of them.’ Cross & Cockade International


    Fifteen years since it was originally published, Grub Street is proud to present the re-issue of Poles in Defence of Britain. To the Polish volunteers who were to fly and fight so brilliantly and tenaciously throughout the Battle of Britain, the United Kingdom was known as ‘Last Hope Island’. Many lost their lives, such as Antoni Ostowicz, many achieved glory and became aces – such as Glowacki, Skalski and Witorzenc. The RAF came to depend on these men, with over 100 Polish pilots supporting almost thirty fighter squadrons, most especially 302, 303 and 307 (night fighter).

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  • Hawker Hurricane Survivors

    Gordon Riley

    With 2015 being the 75th anniversary of the Battle of Britain – arguably the Hawker Hurricane’s ‘finest hour’ – it is appropriate to tell the story of the surviving Hurricanes from around the world. Building on research originally started thirty years ago, the author has delved into the archives to amass new information – and in the process managed to identify positively one particular Hurricane which had proved elusive for more than forty years.

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