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  • A History of the Mediterranean Air War, 1940-1945, Volume Three

    Christopher Shores Giovanni Massimello, Russell Guest, Frank Olynyk and Winfried Bock

    The third volume in this series returns to November 1942 to explain the background to the first major Anglo-American venture – Operation Torch, the invasion of French North Africa. It deals with the fratricidal combats which followed the initial landings in Morocco and Algeria for several days. It then considers the efforts made – unsuccessfully in the event – to reach northern Tunisia before the Germans and Italians could get there to forestall the possibility of an attack from the west on the rear of the Afrika Korps forces, then beginning their retreat from El Alamein.

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  • Tornado Boys

    Ian Hall

    Tornado Boys is the latest in the ever-popular ‘Boys’ series, and differs from earlier titles. With the introduction of female pilots to the RAF in 1994, the Tornado was among the first aircraft to be flown by both men and women. This is acknowledged in the book with a chapter written by one female pilot. Another aspect that makes this book different from the rest of the series is that it covers an aircraft which is still in active service, currently as a key player in Middle East operations. With focus on the GR1/GR4 versions of the Tornado (and not the F3 interceptor), readers will enjoy fascinating insights on what it is like to operate this multi-role bomber/reconnaissance aircraft against the backdrop of modern-day scenarios.

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  • Tony Blackman Test Pilot (signed by Tony Blackman)

    Tony Blackman

    This books is signed by the author, Tony Blackman

    Tony Blackman looks back at his captivating career, from the RAF, national service and learning to fly to squadron flying and testing aircraft at Boscombe Down. He offers an insight into the world of the aerospace industry and what it takes to be a test pilot.

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  • Bloody Shambles Volume One (signed by Christopher Shores)

    Christopher Shores

    This book is signed by the author, Christopher Shores. 

    This is the story of the Allied air campaign across Singapore, Malaya, Burma, Ceylon and the Philippines during World War II. It documents the Allied underestimation of Japanese ability, which led to the destruction of 50per cent of the British bomber force in two days.

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  • Fifty Years of Flying Fun (signed by Rod Dean)

    Rod Dean

    This book is signed by its author, Rod Dean. 

    Fifty Years of Flying Fun covers, in a roughly chronological order, over fifty continuous years of flying. With in excess of 7,000 flying hours on 59 different types – and only one aircraft (Spencer Flack’s Mustang) with a working autopilot – Rod gives a clear, and largely humorous, insight into the operation of a cross section of piston and jet engine vintage aircraft and his undoubted fifty years of fun since the first solo on 19 March 1963.

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