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  • Phantom Boys 2 (signed by Richard Pike)

    Richard Pike

    This book has been signed by the author, Richard Pike.

    The highly anticipated follow-up to Phantom Boys is here! Once again Richard Pike has brought together brilliant, hitherto unpublished, accounts across eighteen chapters.

    With both British and American perspectives, Phantom Boys 2 is packed with exhilarating action.

    Throughout the book Richard Pike captures the drama and emotion of life in the cockpit in vivid detail. With such engrossing stories, readers will be gripped by this captivating book.


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  • The Game Cook (signed by Norman Tebbit)

    Norman Tebbit

    Illustrations by Debby Mason

    This book has been signed by the author, Norman Tebbit.

    First published in 2009 and unavailable for many years, this is a revised, updated and redesigned edition, now containing new recipes, of this immensely popular cookbook. Norman Tebbit showcases his favourite game recipes including pheasant, partridge, duck, grouse, wood pigeon, woodcock, deer, rabbit and many more.

    Written with humour, The Game Cook is a practical handbook of mouth-watering recipes for eco-cooks, traditional food-lovers and those who are looking for some money-saving ways to provide tasty, wholesome meat dishes to the family.

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  • Fast Jets and Other Beasts signed by Ian Hall

    Ian Hall

    This product is signed by the author Ian Hall. 

    Over a thirty-two-year military flying career which spanned a period when the RAF regularly replaced its fighter/bombers, Ian Hall had seven front-line flying tours on five different types.

    All these flying tours provide a rich seam of material for incisive, amusing and, sometimes, reflective observations from the cockpit.

    Later, Ian surprised himself somewhat by switching to civil aviation, and the book touches upon the twelve-year experience of a fast jet pilot who became a direct-entry turboprop captain.

    Finally, equipped with pipe and slippers, he reflects on a great life of flying, as well as taking a brief look at the things that keep a retired pilot amused. An ideal read for anyone fascinated by tales of aerial exploits.


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  • V Force Boys (signed by authors Tony Blackman and Anthony Wright)

    Tony Blackman & Anthony Wright

    This book has been signed by authors Tony Blackman and Anthony Wright.

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  • Harrier Boys Volume 2 (signed by Bob Marston & 4 veterans)

    Bob Marston

    This book is signed by author Bob Marston and the following veterans:

    • Jonathan Baynton
    • Bernie Scott
    • Simon Turner
    • Mike Harwood


    In the second volume of Harrier Boys, as with the first, the history of this remarkable aircraft in service with UK armed forces is illustrated through personal reminiscences of the people who worked with it. The book begins with explanations of the mature concept of operations with the Harrier GR3 in the Cold War. It then progresses through the evolution of Harrier II, starting with the GR5, and updates to the Sea Harrier, while the potential battles to be fought necessitated ever-changing tactics and technology.

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  • Winged Chariot (signed)

    This book is signed by the author, Peter Lush.

    In what has been described as ‘the greatest raid of them all’, Operation Chariot saw heavy destruction of the enemy-occupied port of St Nazaire by British forces. Winged Chariot examines the role that the RAF played during this epic raid on 28th March 1942.

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  • Oswald Boelcke (signed by RG Head)

    RG Head

    Oswald Boelcke was Germany’s first ace in World War One with a total of forty victories. His character, inspirational leadership, organisational genius, development of air-to-air tactics and impact on aerial doctrine are all reasons why Boelcke remains an important figure in the history of air warfare.

    In this definitive biography RG Head explores why Oswald Boelcke deserves consideration as the most important fighter pilot of the 20th century and beyond; but also for setting the standard in military aviation flying. This book will appeal to enthusiasts of the German air force, military aviation in general and World War One in particular.

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  • An Alien Sky (signed by Air Commodore Charles Clarke OBE and Sean Feast)

    Andrew Wiseman with Sean Feast

    This copy is signed by Air Commodore Charles Clarke OBE and Sean Feast.

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  • Tornado Boys (signed)

    This book is signed by the author Ian Hall.

    Tornado Boys is the latest in the ever-popular ‘Boys’ series, and differs from earlier titles. With the introduction of female pilots to the RAF in 1994, the Tornado was among the first aircraft to be flown by both men and women. This is acknowledged in the book with a chapter written by one female pilot. Another aspect that makes this book different from the rest of the series is that it covers an aircraft which is still in active service, currently as a key player in Middle East operations. With focus on the GR1/GR4 versions of the Tornado (and not the F3 interceptor), readers will enjoy fascinating insights on what it is like to operate this multi-role bomber/reconnaissance aircraft against the backdrop of modern-day scenarios.

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  • Vulcan Boys (signed by Tony Blackman)

    Tony Blackman

    This title has been signed by author Tony Blackman.

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  • Japanese Naval Air Force Fighter Units and Their Aces, 1932-1945 (signed by Christopher Shores)

    Ikuhiko Hata and Yasuho Izawa and Christopher Shores

    This book is signed by Christopher Shores.

    This book is a companion volume to “Japanese Army Air Force Fighter Units and Their Aces, 1931-1945”, published by Grub Street in 2002. As such it also represents a major updating and rewriting of Messrs Hata’s and Izawa’s earlier book of similar title, published in the USA some 20 years ago. The book commences with a comprehensive account of the operations of navy fighter units throughout the period under review. This is followed by individual sections detailing the history and achievements of each unit involved, be it land-based or aircraft carrier-based.

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