Ultimate Tomato Sandwich

THE ULTIMATE TOMATO SANDWICH When I first floated the idea of writing a book about tomatoes my editor was unmoved. A tomato, she said, is a tomato. They aren’t like potatoes, she went on. Is there really a book in it? Then, one day, after her usual outing with the …

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Bariatric Bible: Breakfast Inspo

Creamiest Vanilla Porridge with Berry Compôte There’s porridge and posh porridge and this recipe falls into the latter category. It’s made with Quark rather than just milk and is served with a super berry compôte, the marriage of the two producing a sublime breakfast bowl.   125 g / 4 …

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Mother’s Day Dinner

If you need some inspiration for some stay @ home Mother’s Day celebrations then look no further than our Taste of Belgium recipe for Steamed Mussels (coming out in paperback in May!)           BELGIAN STEAMED MUSSELS Moules marinière is a delicious dish all on its own, save for …

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