Tony Blackman Signed Bundle: Nimrod & Test Pilot

Tony Blackman

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As Christmas fades away and the January blues set in, we are hoping to cheer you up by offering this wonderful bundle of two of our Tony Blackman titles: ‘Nimod: The Rise and Fall’ and ‘Tony Blackman Test Pilot’ at a special price of £20.00! Plus both books have been signed by Tony himself.

This bundle is available in the UK only.

Format: Paperbacks
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Publication Date: 13 October 2017


The scrapping of the Nimrod programme has been one of the most controversial events in the military aviation world for many a year. For most of its operational life, from 1969 to date, its contribution to the defence of the realm and its role in offensive duties was, of necessity, often shrouded in secrecy. It was the ‘eye in the sky’ which was absolutely vital to a host of activities – from anti-submarine and anti-surface warfare, to support of land battles throughout the world, to the Falklands campaign, to combating drug-running, the Nimrod’s unsung role was paramount. And now the UK is bereft of such a multi-tasking reconnaissance aircraft. The full story of the Nimrod, and its significance, has now been told. Tony Blackman, who was there at the beginning, test-flew nearly every aircraft and was at Kinloss on the very day the project was cancelled, has written this timely book, covering every facet of its history, its weapons system developments and its tragic accidents. He writes in an approachable way, making technical subjects understandable but his conclusions will, inevitably, not be welcomed by everyone.


Tony Blackman looks back at his captivating career, from the RAF, national service and learning to fly to squadron flying and testing aircraft at Boscombe Down. He offers an insight into the world of the aerospace industry and what it takes to be a test pilot.


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