To Hell and Back

True Life Experiences of Bomber Command at War

Mel Rolfe


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Format: Paperback
Extent: 192 pages
Dimensions: 216 x 135 mm
ISBN: 9781904010395.
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Publication Date: 30 April 2003

Classic stories of gallantry in World War II are featured in this edition of Mel Rolfe’s title containing 20 dramatic but true stories of Bomber Command adventures. Some of them defy belief – like the RAF bomb aimer who was blown out of his Liberator over Warsaw at 400 feet without a parachute and made a poignant return in 1989 to witness the unveiling of a memorial on the crash site. Others defy logic – like two men of the same crew who survived a terrible crash, neither aware of the others’ existence but both saved by the tolling of the same church bell. Journalist Mel Rolf has conducted his interviews and prepared the stories in such a way as to take the reader into the events as they happened.

Mervyn (Mel) Rolfe

Mervyn (Mel) Rolfe has lived most of his life in rural England, including twenty years in Buckinghamshire. In the RAF for two years’ national service where he learned to type and flew a typewriter among the Vampires at Station Sick Quarters, RAF Swinde …

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