Bloody Shambles Volume Two (signed copy)

The Complete Account of the Air War in the Far East, from the Defense of Sumatra to the Fall of Burma, 1942

Christopher Shores


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Format: Hardback
Extent: 494 pages
Dimensions: 234 x 153 mm
ISBN: 9780948817670.
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Publication Date: 28 June 1993

In 1941, within months of launching a devastating air attack on the Far Eastern dependencies of Great Britain, Holland and the USA, Japan had secured the great prize, Singapore. The dramatic events preceding the fall are covered in great detail in the much acclaimed Bloody Shambles Volume One.

But it did not end there. The riveting story illustrating the Allies’ lack of preparation, panic and poor leadership, tempered by their great personal courage and dedication, continues in Volume Two, a painstakingly researched sequel from the same team of authors. Here we read about the blistering attacks on Broome and Darwin in Australia, on Sumatra and Java, Rabaul and New Guinea, and finally on Ceylon’s naval bases.

This surprising and potentially shocking volume ends as the Japanese reach the limits of their advance, immediately prior to their first major setbacks at Midway.

Christopher Shores

Christopher Shores lives in Dorset and is a prolific and much acclaimed writer on military aviation history, now working at the head of a formidable team of dedicated researchers, each an expert in their own right.

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