Sheilah Kaufman

Sheilah Kaufman

As the award-winning author of 26 delectable cookbooks, a cooking instructor (from Alaska to Hawaii and Maine to Mexico), culinary lecturer, and food editor for more than 40 years, Sheilah has shared her great passion of cooking with thousands of cooks across the nation. Bringing the flavours of the world into homes and kitchens is Sheilah Kaufman’s greatest gift, and few food industry professionals have achieved the culinary versatility that Sheilah has with her books and classes.

In her books, The Turkish Cookbook Regional Recipes and Stories (Interlink/Grub Street),  and A Taste of Turkish Cuisine (Hippocrene Books), Sheilah shares with her readers the deeply beautiful tapestry of Turkish food and culture, offering a multitude of delicious and healthful recipes that can easily be re-created in homes and kitchens.

Sheilah has been an invited guest speaker for The Library of Congress,  the Textile Museum, Epcot’s Food and Wine Festival,  the Smithsonian Institution, The Metropolitan Cooking & Entertaining Show, The Turkish Embassy, Jewish Federation, and the Jewish Museum of Montreal

A prolific writer and editor, Sheilah is the food editor for Popular Anthropology and the Maryland chain The Town Courier; and a freelance food writer. She has written for numerous magazines and papers, including Vegetarian Times, Eating Well, and The Washington Post.


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