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Caroline Fibæk

Caroline Fibæk, naturopath and author of bestseller Raw Cakes – also translated in to Norwegian and English– as well as  Raw Snacks. She has published several other books in her homeland, Denmark.

Caroline has appeared publically several times on Danish national television and for the past years Caroline has been a frequent writer in the health sections of magazines. She is often used for expert advice, and mentioned in various magazines:

Caroline is a frequently used lecturer.

When she is not busy writing books, or giving lectures on natural foods and self-healing, Caroline runs her own clinic where she offers consultations, online courses and training for professionals in the field of healthcare,

Caroline is a certified Naturopath from the Institute of Biological Medicine. I have specialized in infertility and women’s illnesses, such as PMS and climacteric-related symptoms. However, I am a general practitioner, and have experience in treating many other symptoms as well.

Naturopathy is a biological analysis- and comprehensive form of therapy. It is a combination of American biological medicine, German symbiosis- and immune therapy, as well as Scandinavian natural medicines. I have thorough knowledge within anatomy, physiology, pathology, alternative pathology, client psychology, nutrition, phyto- and immune therapy, as well as various methods of diagnosis.

Health does not have to be restrictive diets. Health is fun, loving life and your body. When your body is nourished on all levels, it will reward you in terms of ENERGY, BALANCE and HAPPINESS.

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