Faster than the Sun (signed by Peter Twiss)

The Compelling Story of a Record-breaking Test Pilot and WWII Navy Flyer

Peter Twiss


This is a signed edition by the book’s author, Peter Twiss. 

This epic account is the story of the record-breaking Fairey Delta, by the man who flew through 1000mph for the first time in history. It reveals the organisation necessary, the lobbying and the tensions and difficulties.

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Format: Paperback
Extent: 256 pages
Dimensions: 234 x 156mm
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Publication Date: 30 October 2005

The name of Peter Twiss first achieved national prominence in March 1956 when, as a test pilot, he gained the World Air Speed Record in the Fairey Delta 2, flying at a speed of 1132 mph over Chichester in Sussex.

Seventeen years earlier, in 1939, he had joined the Fleet Air Arm to serve his country in war, seeing action in Fulmars over the convoys to Malta in June 1942, in Seafires during the Operation Torch landings in NW Africa and as a night fighter flying Mosquitoes.

This edition of Faster Than the Sun recounts his hitherto unpublished war experiences, based on his log book, and reproduces word for word the compelling story of his struggle to break the thousand miles per hour barrier, which has been described as one of the epic accounts of high-speed flight.


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