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  • A History of the Mediterranean Air War, 1940-1945, Volume One (Signed)

    Christopher Shores

    Giovanni Massimello and Russell Guest

    This book is signed by Christopher Shores.

    It is now more than 40 years since “Fighters over the Desert” was published, and nearly as long since this was followed by “Fighters over Tunisia”. Both volumes have long been out of print and collectors’ items, but, despite much prompting, Christopher Shores has resolutely refused to permit their reprinting until he amassed so much more information. He has also long nursed a desire to expand the coverage to encompass the operations of the other types of aircraft involved in this interesting and important theatre of war – the bombers, reconnaissance aircraft and maritime units. Further, it is his intention to extend the period covered to include the later operations over Sicily, Italy, the Aegean area, the Balkans and Southern Europe. This then represents the first volume of a seminal series dealing with all these aspects and areas, which will also tie in with the earlier ‘Grub Street’ volumes which he and his collaborators have produced.

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  • A History of the Mediterranean Air War, 1940-1945, Volume Three (signed by Christopher Shores)

    Christopher Shores, Giovanni Massimello, Russell Guest, Frank Olynyk and Winfried Bock

    This book is signed by Christopher Shores.

    The third volume in this series returns to November 1942 to explain the background to the first major Anglo-American venture – Operation Torch, the invasion of French North Africa. It deals with the fratricidal combats which followed the initial landings in Morocco and Algeria for several days. It then considers the efforts made – unsuccessfully in the event – to reach northern Tunisia before the Germans and Italians could get there to forestall the possibility of an attack from the west on the rear of the Afrika Korps forces, then beginning their retreat from El Alamein.

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  • A History of the Mediterranean Air War, 1940-1945, Volume Two (signed)

    Christopher Shores, Giovanni Massimello, Russell Guest, Frank Olynyk & Winfried Bock

    This book is signed by Christopher Shores.  

    The first volume of this series dealt with the initial 19 months of the air war over the Western Desert of North Africa. This volume picks up the story as the 8th Army, following its hard-fought success in Operation Crusader, was forced back to the Gazala area, roughly mid-way between the Cyrenaican/Tripolitanian border of Libya and the frontier with Egypt. It covers the lull prior to the disastrous defeat of the 8th Army in June 1942 and the loss of the important port and fortress of Tobruk.

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  • An Alien Sky (signed by Air Commodore Charles Clarke OBE and Sean Feast)

    Andrew Wiseman with Sean Feast

    This copy is signed by Air Commodore Charles Clarke OBE and Sean Feast.

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  • Bloody Shambles Volume One (signed by Christopher Shores)

    Christopher Shores

    This book is signed by the author, Christopher Shores. 

    This is the story of the Allied air campaign across Singapore, Malaya, Burma, Ceylon and the Philippines during World War II. It documents the Allied underestimation of Japanese ability, which led to the destruction of 50per cent of the British bomber force in two days.

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  • Brotherhood of the Skies (signed by David Ince)

    David Ince

    This book is signed by the author, David Ince

    Brotherhood of the Skies is an engaging study of leadership in action. The author is frank and outspoken about the courage, fear, team spirit and motivation that he and his comrades shared throughout the war. Laden with fresh information and perspectives, he explores elements of airpower that have been ignored in the past, pulling no punches in his analysis of army cooperation, fighter ground attack and reconnaissance – and the problems and achievements of operational training.

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  • Contact! (signed)

    Bob Tuxford

    This book is signed by the author, Bob Tuxford. 

    Contact! is an enthralling set of recollections from ex-RAF pilot, instructor and test pilot Bob Tuxford. The book follows his twenty-year career within the RAF and describes highlights of active service across the world, including an accompanied exchange tour in the US Air Force and participation in the Falklands war.

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  • Divine Vegan Desserts (signed by Lisa Fabry)

    This book is signed by the author, Lisa Fabry.

    The book contains recipes for cakes, teatime treats, pies & pastries, tarts, trifles and cheesecakes, ice creams, sorbets, mousses, custards and creams. So whether you are a practising vegan, lactose intolerant, on a gluten-free diet or simply want luscious desserts without all the calories this is THE book for you.

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  • Faster than the Sun (signed by Peter Twiss)

    Peter Twiss

    This is a signed edition by the book’s author, Peter Twiss. 

    This epic account is the story of the record-breaking Fairey Delta, by the man who flew through 1000mph for the first time in history. It reveals the organisation necessary, the lobbying and the tensions and difficulties.

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  • Fifty Years of Flying Fun (signed by Rod Dean)

    Rod Dean

    This book is signed by its author, Rod Dean. 

    Fifty Years of Flying Fun covers, in a roughly chronological order, over fifty continuous years of flying. With in excess of 7,000 flying hours on 59 different types – and only one aircraft (Spencer Flack’s Mustang) with a working autopilot – Rod gives a clear, and largely humorous, insight into the operation of a cross section of piston and jet engine vintage aircraft and his undoubted fifty years of fun since the first solo on 19 March 1963.

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  • Forever Vigilant (Signed)

    Graham Pitchfork

    This book is signed by Sir Rob Wright, Graham Pitchfork and Ben Laite. 

    208 Squadron based at RAF Valley in Anglesey will be celebrating its 100th anniversary in October 2016, making it one of the few RAF squadrons to achieve this unique distinction whilst still part of the RAF’s current order of battle. To celebrate this achievement, Air Commodore Pitchfork has compiled a chronological history of the squadron’s main activities and personnel with the aim of illustrating the spirit, comradeship, and professionalism of the squadron.

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